Saturday, October 29, 2011

Best Childcare in the San Fernando Valley!

I'm here to let you know hard work and true dedication will lead to success. When you are true to yourself and your hard earned persistence follows then you have found love for what part of you was designed for.
I have three kids, or better yet two young adults that weigh in at 17 and 15 along with a 6 year old that is making me so proud on a daily basis. I started having children at a very early age and if my daughter was to become pregnant as I did my husband and I would kill her. Just because adults make wrong choices doesn't mean your children can, remember that.
I have always enjoyed my children and needed to be with them through the whole growing up process. I was young and didn't want anyone raising my children but luckily my husband worked and I was able to stay home and know my children were getting the best care in the world, me!
As I became older and my children became older I decided to go out in the world and find a job that was part time while my children were in school. After working for a while and still being there for my children after school I found myself needing much more of a challenge. I decided to attend a makeup school and did my training and received my certification from Mudd in Burbank California. Makeup is fun and I'm glad I have it under my belt but I still needed more of a challenge. I loved being home and with my children after school so I thought about some options I had. I came across the idea of childcare from our house. I have done a great job with my own children and have always enjoyed them at every chance, why not enjoy other children and continue guiding and nurturing not only mine but other kids too.
I opened my first childcare with two of my own kids at an early age. It was so enjoyable for me I decided to take my knowledge and business to the next level. I attended college and now have all my credentials in childcare development and will continue to grow and open up my first childcare center in the beginning of 2012. My childcare is being featured on the cover of Parent magazine in the December issue for the number one ranking childcare in the San Fernando Valley.
I truly can't wait to take on more children and teach, educate and nurture there minds as they grow.
Thank you for reading my little story and I'm not sure where I will take this next week so stay tuned!